Banned Scientists

Documenting the impact of the immigration ban on U.S. science

Mehdi Ordikhani-Seyedlar

Biomedical Engineering

Duke University Center For Neuroengineering

My work at Duke will be in the similar direction as my Ph.D. project in Denmark. I will be working on the brain-machine interfaces (BMI). This is to connect the brain to an external devices, so that paralyzed patients, for instance with spinal cord injury, could wear the device (exoskeleton) and move the device by the power of their mind. Therefore, they can walk again using the BMI system. My expertise is in computation signal processing of large scale neuronal activity that reproduce a number of behavioral paradigms, essential for exoskeleton-assisted locomotion. Being currently in Denmark, I am supposed to start my project at Duke on May 1st, but the current travel ban policy makes everything very uncertain. We, travel-banned researchers and scientists, are not a threat; rather, we do our best to help humanity through technology and science wherever we are.