Banned Scientists

Documenting the impact of the immigration ban on U.S. science

Bahram Kheradmand

Animal Behavior And Neurobiology

University Of California, San Diego

My research involves understanding how spatial memory is formed as a result of sensory integration. Specifically, I study how honey bees measure distances and rewards to perform a communicatory signal that tells other bees in the hive where they found good food sources. This allows the hive to optimize foraging efforts when food sources are sparse and rare. In my experiments, I train honey bees to certain locations, and see how the landmarks and other physical attributes of the path, in addition to the amount of reward presented to them, affect their signal.

The immigration ban restricts me from traveling abroad for professional conferences, or to simply visit my parents. It also makes it impossible for my parents to visit me. Potential colleagues from the listed countries are also restricted from attending conferences in the United States.