Banned Scientists

Documenting the impact of the immigration ban on U.S. science

Azi Fattahi

Computational Astrophysics And Cosmology

University Of Victoria

I study formation and evolution of galaxies, and in particular behavior of dark matter on galaxy scales. I have been invited to give talks at UC Berkeley and the Ohio State University in the next two months. I am going to cancel those talks due to the ban. I am an early career researcher; being able to visit different institutes to present my work and expand my collaboration network is crucial for my longer term success. More importantly, I am finishing my PhD in the next few months, and I have been applying for postdoctoral positions in the US and Europe. I have an offer from the University of Michigan, and also my application is shortlisted for positions at MIT and UC Davis. I can not think about any of these positions now because I do not know if I will be able to get a visa and start a position at the end of summer. I am following up on my applications at European institutes.