Banned Scientists

Documenting the impact of the immigration ban on U.S. science

Arsalan Mirjafari


Florida Gulf Coast University

My research focus is on green/sustainable chemistry, which aims to make chemicals, chemical processes and related industries environmentally and economically sustainable. In my research group at FGCU, we focus on design, synthesis, development and applications of a revolutionary class of organic materials called ionic liquids. They have a wide range of applications, e.g., as green alternatives for toxic solvents, gene delivery, bio-inspired materials, biomass dissolution, liquid crystals, catalysis, surface coatings, and carbon dioxide capture.

This ban would affect my personal and professional life. In terms of personal damage, I am not going to be able to visit my parents in Iran. I have no sibling in Iran, just a brother who is living in the US, and neither of us can go to visit them. My parents had a visa appointment that was canceled after Trump's EO. In terms of professional damage, I am not going to be able to attend international conferences and meet my collaborators.